Reasons To Use To Blackjack Bail Bonds for Credit and Debit Card Bonds

When you care about someone, it is not easy to watch them languish behind bars. Instead of sitting back and doing nothing, posting bail on their behalf would be the best thing to do. Not all bail bonds businesses are the same, which is why you need to go to Blackjack Bail Bonds.

We Are Available Around The Clock

As you probably already know, being in jail is not pleasant and your goal should be to find a bail bonds company that focuses on having your loved ones released sooner rather than later. There is no need to wait until regular business hours have arrived; you can call Blackjack Bail Bonds 24/7 – no exceptions.

Additional Assistance

Getting someone released from jail is your initial goal, but what happens after that? Our business is unique because we are not done just because temporary freedom has been obtained. We will assist you during the entire legal process in order to make the release permanent.

The owner, Clint Craft, has a degree in Criminal Justice and he is more than happy to put his education to good use and make it work in your favor.

The Financial Aspect

There are several ways that this company sets itself apart from all of the others:

Credit Card Bail Bonds

Some businesses only deal in cash, which is not ideal, especially considering how advanced people are these days when it comes to technology.


In the event that you are not able to pay all of the bail money right away, financing is available.

Reasonable Fees

We will not use your misfortune as a reason to capitalize. We charge reasonable fees that are lower than 10 percent in most cases.

Also, if you find a business in Montague or Cooke County with lower rates, this company will match it.

Free Consultations

The reality is that time is money, but that does not mean that a bail bonds company should try to profit off you in every way possible. For this reason, Blackjack offers consultations free of charge. Initially, the only thing you will need to concern yourself with paying for is having your loved one released – simple.

It should be very clear to you that no other business in the area offers this unique blend of benefits. Heading elsewhere would not be a good idea and you would be doing yourself a disservice.